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 this post is for who want to make a website and want to earn money from their website.  actually i am telling you how can you make a "blog" free. there are some difference between blog and website. and the difference we will learn in next post. in this post i am going to show you that how can you make a blog free on
make a blog on blogger free

how to make a free blog using

Blogger is a free service of google by which any body can make a website free in just 5 minutes. This is a free products so they will not give a domain name, but gives you a subdomain means your domain will registered as you can add your custom domain like- any time when you registered a custom domain. 

how to make a blog on blogger Follow steps

Go to click on "create your blog" login using your "gmail id" blogger is a service by google so you don't need to sign up by filling other forms you will login by your google account or (gmail id)
create blog

after Login inter your webiste address means your blog url or "domain name" blogger will give you a subdomain ( if your subdomain is available you can create website on that subdomain.
get sub domain free on blogger

after adding subdomain for your website choose the template there some template on blogger you can select any template. you can upload templates if you don't like any templates on bogger. 10 best responsive and SEO ready templates for blogger

after selecting the template click on "create blog" your blog will be created successfully now you can view your blog, and customize your blog from blogger dashboard.

how to make money using your blog or website

if you followed the above steps your Blog will be ready and you can make money using your blog. before start making money from blog, your blog must have some post or articles. you need to publish 10 to 20 post on the blog to start your earnings. after you published some posts you can use your blog to make money as a digital marketing. there are many way to make money using website or blog, and the best way is to display adsense ads or by promoting affiliate products on the blog 
earn money from blog

make money by blog by displaying ads from google adsense

google adsense is a platform where a blog or website admin can monetize their website with ads and generate revenue from their website/blog. A new blogger can join adsense network if their blog complies with AdSense terms.
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