15 Best Bitcoin Faucet Claim Free Bitcoin | Daily Payment

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. there are many ways available to get bitcoins, and today i am showing some website that offers free bitcoin to users for visiting their site. these websites offers their users to claim free bitcoin just by completing some action on the websites. these are a reward system, in the form of a website that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi you can collect free satoshi and get them into your bitcoin wallet.
best bitcoin faucet
Bitcoin faucet Claim bitcoins free

15 bitcoin paying faucet high payouts per claim.

#1. Freebitcoin:
This website can pay from 196 to 300, if your are lucky it can be about 100,000 or More Satoshi. The claim bonus can be "increase and decrease" for the users, actualy this site pays some bonus to play HI-LO game, and you can increase your Satoshi by playing this game. Get instant payment, Minimum Payouts is 30,000 Satoshi by Bitcoin Address. payment will be done in 15 minute.

This is a new bitcoin faucet. offers 20-800 Satashi for every 5 Minutes. they have good referral program by which you can earn more Satoshi. Get 25% lifetime commission + up to 100% claim bonus through your referrals.

#3. Bit4Free: You will get instant payout in Xapo wallet. this website will give you 25-200 satoshi every 8 minutes and get 20% from the referral earnings. you need to enter you bitcoin address or Xapo wallet email to claim free Satoshi.

#4. BitcoWorld:
Earn Up to 30K Satoshi daily on your Own Earn Up to 10% Referral Purchase Bonus. 0.001 BTC Minimum Cashout instant payment option.

#5. 99bitcoins:
Claim free Satoshi once every 5 Minutes. The minimum payout is only 7000 satoshi, get paid every Sunday. registration is very simple you need to solve The Captcha and inter your Bitcoin Address to claim free Satoshi.

#6. Wheelofbitcoin: 
This website offers you to earn Instantly free bitcoins by spinning. Also offers some more option to get free bitcoin like: by watching videos, and playing bitcoin keno game. Payment option: Bitcoin wallet, and Xapo Wallet. Get instant payment in Xapo wallet. 

Get free bitcoin on every claim. this website allowed minimum 5 minutes between claims per account/IP address. weakly payment by Bitcoin Address and Coinpot micro Walltet. Get 50% commission on referral Claim. 

#8. Satoshihero: 
This amazing website "faucet" to get free can claim free satoshi 3 times per 10 minutes. instant payout the minimum payout limit is (0.0003 BTC), get 25% commission of your referral earnings.

#9. Potioncoin: 
Get 5 satoshi every time you claims no any time limit to claim, you can claim anytime free satoshi from here. get 25% from your referral withdrawal. Minimum 35 000 satoshi you may withdraw. Get loyality Bonus after the second day. set your "withdrawal" bitcoin address and get paid.

This website offers up to 50,00 satoshi per claim. you can claim free satoshi after every 15 minutes. also get 5% daily bonus. you may request to withdrawal any time when your earnings at least 10000 satoshi. get paid any time without any withdrawal fee. refer your friend and get 50% lifetime commission.

#11. Wildbitcoin: 
Receive 80 satoshi every hour on every claim. this website offer best referral program get 40% referral commission when your referral do a faucet claim. You can increase your earnings by taking your daily bonus.You will receive a 10% bonus from the total amount of Satoshi collected in the previous day. the Minimum Balance required to get paid is 25,000 Satoshi. There is no any Withdrawal Fee you can request for Withdrawal any time. You will get payment in 72 hour after your request.

#12. BitcoinBow: 
Get free bitcoin every 10 minutes claim up to 1000 satashi. also get some loyalty bonus of your Claim and 50% commission on your referral claims. Manual and Automatically Payout option get Auto payment every Friday once you reached Minimum 20000 Satoshi.
#13. Trustbtcfaucet: 
This website pays 3 to 888 Satoshi on every claim interval of 5 minutes. you can increase your earning by playing hi-lo game and by participating in lottery draw. refer your friends and get 50% lifetime referral commission. The Minimum payout is 50,000 Satoshi.

#14. fieldbitcoins: 
You will get free satoshi on every claim and Increase your claim amounts up to 100% by using of the Daily Loyalty Bonus. There are two payment option (a) get payment weakly every Sunday direct in your  bitcoin wallet, and (b) get instant payout in Xapo wallet, minimum payout is 25000 Satoshi by Bitcoin Address.

Get instant payout in Xapo Wallet. You can also request for Automatic payment in the Bitcoin Wallet. Minimum payout 125000 Satoshi. you just need to inter bitcoin address or Xapo email to start claiming free Satoshi. Get 75 signup bonus and claim Satoshi after every 5 Minutes.

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